The Caton Companies Logo
  • Management Services Corporation (MSC)
  • CMS, Inc.
  • Manufactured Housing Enterprises, Inc. (MHE)
  • Fielder’s Choice Enterprises, Inc. (FCE)

The Caton Companies® is the holding company for:

  • Management Services Corporation (MSC), the largest property management firm based in Central Virginia with over 4,250 units across Virginia and in North Carolina.
  • CMS, Inc., a commercial general contracting firm operating in Virginia.
  • Fielder’s Choice Enterprises, Inc. (FCE), a heavy construction and excavating company operating in Virginia; and
  • Manufactured Housing Enterprises, Inc. (MHE), managers of manufactured home communities in Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Park Lane Finance Solutions, LLC, a licensed mortgage finance origination and servicing firm in Virginia and North Carolina
  • DLB Enterprises a heavy construction and excavating company.
  • Wagner Construction a commercial general contracting firm.
  • Maple Tree Finance
  • These eight separate companies now combine to form an alliance of nearly 600 employees in 12 markets in 2 states. Their philosophy is the same now as it was when Doug Caton began operations 45 years ago - it’s all about management: no matter the product or service, it takes good people and well thought out direction to achieve ultimate performance.

    “Our transition continues as we meet new challenges and seize new opportunities.” - Doug Caton

From the planning stages of development and investment strategies to excavation and construction to ongoing management, The Caton Companies® can handle every aspect of virtually any project.