Diversity & Inclusion Week

Our first ever Diversity & Inclusion Week was celebrated at The Caton Companies during the week of October 18. Each day that week, we shared useful Toolbox Talks that helped us to focus on how diversity as individuals can make us stronger as a Company and in society. We discussed our hidden, unconscious biases that may affect the way we make decisions and interact with other people. At the end of the week, our final Toolbox Talk focused on practical advice for overcoming bias and focusing on equity and inclusion. We heard great reports from throughout the Company about how our group discussions had opened opportunities for productive conversations among our team members.

Our shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just an annual event. We hope to share reminders and encourage initiatives throughout the year that focus on having a safe and welcoming workplace environment for every employee and customer.

We welcome your feedback on Diversity & Inclusion Week. Email HR@catoncompanies.com.

Here are a few pics of some of our awesome teams that helped us observe an amazing Diversity & Inclusion Week!